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Authentic Engagement:

Dr. Adler has a passion for engaging people in the discovery of useful knowledge, skills and tools that facilitate learning, exploration and growth.  Whether through formal teaching, dynamic speeches, interactive workshops, ongoing training, or group facilitation, Dr. Adler consistently relies on research, best-practice and an informed perspective as a clinical psychologist and organizational consultant, to impart meaningful wisdom and dialogue to the learning process.  If your organization or group seeks to deepen its capacity for growth and peak performance, contact Dr. Adler for a free phone consultation to see how he might best serve your needs.

Actionable Needs Assessment:

No two organizations have identical needs.  Prior to any engagement, Dr. Adler will conduct a comprehensive needs assessment.  His services are customized to best address your organization’s specific needs and interests.  This tailored approach produces meaningful, relevant, useful and actionable recommendations and interventions that will best serve your organization.

Effective Programming:

Dr. Adler’s philosophy, methods, and techniques are grounded in years of applied clinical psychology practice, cutting-edge research, and the use of best practice guidelines.  He earned his doctorate from Rutgers University, which has one of the top psychology programs in the country.  He is co-author of the book, “Promoting Emotional Intelligence in Organizations” (ASTD Press) and other scholarly articles.  Dr. Adler offers effective tools for participants to apply immediately to their work and lives.

Guaranteed Excellence in Service:

Accountability, to both ourselves and to each other, is one of Dr. Adler’s core values.  He only accepts engagements if he knows he can add value in some way.  Your organization will benefit from Dr. Adler’s practical suggestions, actionable recommendations, and effective programs.  Dr. Adler guarantees that he will offer you a service that is meaningful, useful and relevant to your needs, or you will have your fee refunded.

Please see Dr. Adler’s Professional Speaking page to learn more about his specific areas of expertise.

Mitchel Adler. Psy. D.

433 F Street
Davis, CA 95616
P. 530.219.5985

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