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My Psychotherapy Philosophy

Mitchel Adler

My philosophy as a Clinical Psychologist is to meet my clients where they are and to bring as much clarity as possible to what they really want out of their lives. The beauty of psychotherapy is that it provides a unique and safe space to develop a deeper, more informed experience of yourself, so that you can make those choices that best support your needs.  I honor and embrace the full scope of the human condition that each of us encounters and I work to make space for all of it my practice.  Research has shown (and I agree) that the therapeutic relationship is the most important factor for therapeutic success.  Therefore, I strive to develop a safe, respectful and compassionate relationship with my clients where I can give and receive direct, honest, and meaningful feedback.  I share openly my perspectives about what I see happening in the therapy process and I am committed to staying in an intentional dialogue about how best to help my clients meet their needs.  I work collaboratively with my clients and encourage active participation in the therapeutic process.  I am flexible and pragmatic in using my knowledge, skills, abilities and intuition when working with clients and I integrate current research and a range of theoretical orientations in my practice (relational, attachment, developmental, neurobiological, cognitive-behavioral, and more).  I hold a deep belief in the process of psychotherapy and the potential for change that it holds.  I welcome you to the process and look forward to hearing from you.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to set up an initial meeting at (530) 219-5985.

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Mitchel Adler. Psy. D.

433 F Street
Davis, CA 95616
P. 530.219.5985

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