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Written Testimonials

“Mitchel Adler is an inspirational and motivating presenter. He can speak authoritatively about many subjects, but I am most familiar with his work in these areas: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, Managing Conflict, and Facilitating a Team. He is a pleasure to work with and he has routinely developed and/or adjusted presentations to meet my specific program needs. His post-evaluation workshop summaries are among the best of any presenter I have worked with.”

—Becky Heard, MBA Program Manager, LAM Leadership Skills Program, Graduate School of Management.

“I retained Mitchel to provide an Emotional Intelligence workshop for my law office. At first my employees were skeptical about the subject matter and reticent to participate. Mitchel quickly allayed their concerns with his disarming style and his expert knowledge of the subject matter. At the conclusion my staff said they were surprised how much the workshop helped them with their approach to work and their personal lives. A few said it was the best work-related workshop they had ever experienced. We will bring Mitchel back for more.”

Eileen Teichert, Sacramento City Attorney

“I have hired Mitchel several times to facilitate classes and give presentations about Emotional Intelligence. Mitchel is an expert in the field and also an exceptional instructor! He has a way about him that makes you want to watch him speak. There are many people who are experts, but not many that have the inner charisma that Mitchel has. The other thing about Mitchel is his genuine concern for people. Maybe this is part of the reason he does so well in his presentations for us. I would recommend Mitchel as a keynote speaker on Emotional Intelligence or for any topic relating to human well being.”

Thomas Moore, OD Specialist at City of Sacramento

“Dr. Adler is an excellent leadership consultant, teacher and mentor. He has more then exceeded our expectations for the Center for Leadership Learning. We have continuously asked Dr. Alder to return because of the confidence we have in his ability to create and present quality programs for the UC Davis Undergraduate community.”

—Cheryl Purifoy, 
Senior Program Manager at Center for Leadership Learning

“I really enjoyed your presentation today at ATD, thank you so much! You are a great presenter and are obviously very comfortable doing what you do. You have the gift of being entertaining, building trust, credibility and engaging the group very quickly. We all enjoyed your message on EI a lot!”

—Gavan Ambrosini, Program Coordinator, California Employers Association

“Thank you for the workshop today with the Department of Pesticide Regulation. You have re-inspired me! Your evidence-based and heartfelt approach had great purchase with our Department and with me personally. You opened us all to new possibilities. Thank you.”

—Nan Gorder, PhD, Pest Management & Licensing Branch Chief, California Department of Pesticide Regulation

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation; you have the gift of making people feel very comfortable and you create a trusting ambiance, where one is captured and pulled to participate and open their mind to learn from you.”

—Jitendar Chadda, Compliance Administrator, Public Health Institute

“I truly enjoyed your contribution to the AdMAN event this week. I think it was the most useful conference I have ever attended during my 17½ years at UCD.

I am generally pretty shy and “making a connection” has never really been easy for me. But I took away some things from your talk that will help me in that effort – especially learning to step outside of my comfort zone, or as you said, at least dance on the line! I have already tried to apply this in real life, so you obviously made an impression on me.

Other things you said were actually quite healing… forgiving yourself, allowing yourself to fail, not beating up on yourself. (It is amazing to have heard something like that at a work-related conference.) These are areas I have been working on in my own life, but you have reinforced their importance.”

—Russ Marsh, Human Resources

“I just wanted to let you know that I have attended at least 10 Adman Conferences over the years and this was the best one I have been to because of you. You more than captured my attention. You are terrific. Thank you ~ I appreciated your candor, humor and evolved intelligence! You’re also a very sweet Dad!!”

—Nanci Bristowe, Academic Personnel College of Biological Sciences, UC Davis

“I enjoyed your dynamic presentation today at our Graduate Studies Advisory Committee’s mini-conference.

I believe the success of this first mini-conference was largely due to the invaluable information you shared with us. Though I personally accept and incorporate your tenets into my life, you gave me the reinforcement I often need to continue my practice.

My graduate coordinator colleagues and I are faced with increasing challenges and responsibilities. With humor and logic, you showed us how the techniques of mind-body intelligence have practical application during these stressful times.

Thanks for reminding me to always breathe deeply.”

—Merlyn Potters, 
Student Affairs Officer, 

UC Davis

“I just wanted to say Thank You again for being our Keynote Speaker. I was truly inspired by your talk on the first day and even more so on day two. I have already begun working on my personal mission statement!

— Jessica Potts, COSMOS Business Operations Coordinator, University of California, Davis

“[Your program] was the best among the 3 workshops I attended thus far as part of the leadership coaching series [at the UCD, Graduate School of Management].  I felt it was very engaging; and with interesting and thought provoking scenarios, it kept us lively for the full 3 hours.”

–Chandra Nayak, Graduate Student at the University of California, Davis, Graduate School of Management

“I worked with Mitchel Adler, PsyD at UC Davis Counseling Center and I consider him to be a gifted healer who brings warmth, integrity, and experience to his private practice and consulting work. He has a strong knowledge base in mind/body work and is well-versed in the psychological literature on emotional intelligence. He is a delight to work with and I would highly recommend him.”

—Kayoko Yokoyama, PhD, Associate Professor at JFK University

“Creating a personal statement for myself really helped me reflect on my values, who I am, and how I want to live. Thank for an uplifting speech at the Neighborhood Summit.”

—Seng Veng

“One of Mitchel’s most striking features is his ability to articulate authenticity. Mitchel is is a pro at understanding the complexities of individuals and groups, establishing rapport, finding the core of issues, and helping others solve these issues. 

Personally, I love being around Mitchel. His warm personality, natural empathy, and his interest in the well-being of those around him is infectious. He seems to have a strong impact on those who have the honor of connecting with him. 

I can endorse Micthel without hesitation. He is a superior psychologist and an amazing individual.”

—Steven Nakisher, Co-founder of Cornerpiece Consulting

“I can’t recommend Mitchel highly enough as a psychologist. Whether as a group leader, private psychotherapist or business consultant, Mitchel brings integrity, wisdom and compassion to helping people learn, grow and heal.”

—Denise Dempsey, Owner, Stress Reduction Programs

“Dr. Adler was a member of the UC Davis Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) team that developed the Mind-Body Program. He worked very well with physicians and other health care providers as a consultant and trainer. In all his activities, Dr. Adler was energetic, enthusiastic, and concerned about his clientele and the services he provided. He was always well prepared and as a result, his services were consistently excellent.”

-Emil Rodolfa, Ph.D., Director, CAPS Former President, State of California Board of Psychology
“Dr. Adler is a gifted therapist who is able to utilize his professional psychology training and personal experiences to address the needs of individuals and groups. Dr. Adler’s expertise in MindBody wellness, emotional intelligence, and group dynamics allow him to work in an arena of total body awareness that enhances personal well-being and promotes positive life adjustments. In addition to his professional skills, Dr. Adler’s warm and energetic personality make him a pleasure to work with.”
-Ross Flowers, PhD, Sports Psychologist, US Olympic Committee

“I recommend this stellar service to any organization striving to perform more effectively and with greater balance. Dr. Adler brings contagious passion and unique expertise to the cutting-edge field of mind-body intelligence.”

-Kevin Moore, Psy.D., Director of the Lax Center at Philadelphia FIGHT

“I have seen Dr. Adler transform a group of skeptical college students into an eager, receptive, engaged group. His warmth and passion are contagious. It is the combination of his dynamic style, intelligence and knowledge of the field that makes him a true winner.”

-Kathy Stratton, Psy.D., Staff Psychologist and Outreach Coordinator at Rutgers University

“Dr. Adler has been such a positive asset to our program!  He is very skilled at connecting with his audience and adapting to participants’ needs.  His dynamic and engaging nature motivates and inspires our next generation of leaders!”

– Christie Navarro, Program Coordinator, UC Davis, Center for Leadership Learning

“After participating in the MindBody Intelligence program, my clients reported fewer negative reactions to stress, increased productivity, and increased life satisfaction. Rather than transient techniques that fade, this change seems to represent a shift in lifestyle toward positive self care.”

-Iverson Eicken, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice

Mitchel Adler. Psy. D.

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Davis, CA 95616
P. 530.219.5985

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