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What is MindBody Intelligence (MBI)?

MBI is the ability to accurately identify, understand and manage effectively your thoughts, feelings, physiology, behavior, relationships, and values/beliefs. It involves knowing yourself on a deep level in each of these six MindBody domains and learning how they interact with one another to affect your performance, health and well-being:

Six MindBody domains:

  • Thoughts (what you say to yourself)
  • Feelings (your emotions)
  • Physiology (how your body physically responds to the world)
  • Relationships (how you relate with others and your environment)
  • Behavior (what you do)
  • Values/beliefs (your sense of purpose and meaning)

Can MBI be learned?

Yes. Clinical research shows that MindBody interventions can have positive effects on issues such as decision-making, fatigue, performance, motivation, migraines, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and subjective well-being.

What are the MBI core competencies?


Cultivating a conscious awareness of your six MindBody domains–thoughts, feelings, physiology, behaviors, relationships, and values/beliefsā€”and using this information to help you make informed, healthy choices.


Motivating yourself to positive action through awareness of and conviction to your own values, strengths, interests, and sense of meaning and purpose. This involves seeing opportunities and challenging yourself to learn, grow, and improve based on intrinsic, rather than extrinsic values.

Realistic Self-Confidence

Knowing your strengths and believing in your sense of value and worth as a person. Having the perseverance and resiliency to face potential setbacks, learn from them, and not be thrown off course if challenged.


Knowing what helps you maximize your performance, health and well-being and having the skills and resources necessary to implement self-care rituals and routines to help attain these goals. Finding a balance between challenging yourself to grow and accepting your realistic limitations in order to support a healthy, productive life.

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